Water Holes Slot Canyon – Page, AZ 2016

This beautiful slot canyon is located on either side of US 89 only a few miles before you enter Page, AZ.  The canyon sits on Navajo land and is accessible to the public from a small gate entrance after the small bridge along the east side of US 89, south of the entrance of Horseshoe Bend.  The state has a sign a couple hundred feet along US 89 before you get to the entrance and is quite noticeable.  There is a small parking area that can accommodate about 10 vehicles depending on how they choose to park.  Since this slot canyon is located on Navajo land, a permit is required and I believe it is around $12 dollars.  Use the contact info below to secure your permit.

Lake Powell
For Rainbow Bridge Trail, Water Holes Canyon Permits
PO Box 4803 Page, AZ 86040
(928) 698-2808
Tour guides are available, but the east side (US 89) of Water Holes Canyon is easily accessible to explore on your own.  The west side (heading to the the Colorado) require climbing and repelling equipment and of course the knowledge on how to use them.  I have been through the canyon twice and have enjoyed the exploration in different areas each time. As you make your way through the gate and head east along the north side of the canyon, you will notice the depth and the many rock formations.  Heading east after the gate entrance you will make your way to a manageable drop along the north side of the canyon so you can enter the bottom of the canyon.  You will notice a couple of Cairns located in this area to point you in the right direction.  As you head east through the canyon, it narrows into shoulder width areas and open water hole formations to enjoy.  At the end of the first part of the hike, you will encounter a large water hole formation formed from many years of erosion in the multi-colored sandstone.  You will notice a small aluminum ladder that will get you up to the next level, be aware, your not in a national park, this ladder is not secure and climb at your own risk.  The next level provides more of the same scenery and eventually opens up into a large area where the water is forced into the slot canyon.  
BE AWARE OF FLASH FLOODS!  Even though these canyons hold beauty in all types of weather, the slot canyons of Page are extremely dangerous during thunderstorms and waters can rise many feet over short periods of time.  The complete hike may take 1-2 hours and you might walk 2-3  miles there and back depending on your pace and how far you go through the canyon.  Enjoy!!!!!

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