Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb


Bisbee Stairs in 4 mintues

The Bisbee 1000, is a four mile stair climb race that meanders in and out of the beautiful city of Bisbee, Arizona. Whether you are after some good exercise or just some great fun /entertainment this race has it all. Usually scheduled the 3rd week in October, the climate and atmosphere for this race is perfect.  Participants from all over the world come to enjoy the competition or just the various entertainment options this race has to offer.  Live Bands, Food and a Beer festival with breweries from all around the state, are just a few of the many options you can enjoy after your race or just show up for the festivities.

 Bisbee has and elevation of about a mile (5280ft) above sea level, so it makes it a great place to train because of the elevation.  The race is quite challenging even to the most advanced runner.  The first race I participated in was years ago, its was a

Part of the beautiful course

mass start with little chance to pass other participants.  Now the race is timed, you receive a timing device and a number and also has different age and gender winners.  The race is split into different groups with different start times so it is less crowded on the course. I have participated in this race numerous times not to mention I use this course in my exercise routine for a nice change of pace.   I have also attended the race festivities without participating in the race itself and find the whole experience well worth it and believe this race should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Beer Fest after Race

Bisbee, AZ is a unique historic mining town, nestled in the Mule mountains, and is home to various Breweries, Restaurants and Antique shops that will keep all your interests peaked.  The people of this town are extremely laid back and friendly and are always willing to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.  You won’t find any of the major hotel chains in Bisbee, but you will find a great variety of places to stay.   Hotels such as the Copper Queen Hotel and Bed & Breakfast stays that cater to your every needs are just a few of the many beautiful places to spend the night. Many of the Hotels boast of the their haunted rooms WP_20160402_22_01_06_Proand there is even a ghost tour in the city in which i enjoyed tremendously.  Get your hotel reservations early, the city is a quite popular place to visit.

If night life is your pleasure, stop into the famous St. Elmo’s Bar on a weekend and you might find the regulars enjoying themselves listening to a live band or shooting a round of pool.  The Old Bisbee Brewery is a great place to stop in and try some of their various types of beer brewed right in their shop.  The Screaming Banshee is also a great restaurant to enjoy during your stay or visit.  This unique place not only caters to your taste buds, but it will also entertain your visual sensations with its one of a kind atmosphere. Their are various antique shops in the city for the pickers in all of us to explore.  I have not mentioned many of the other fantastic places in the city, but i promise you, each of them offer an unique experience within themselves.


All videos and Pictures from my Microsoft Lumia 640 

Havasupai October 2016

Without a doubt, second to none, only equaled by my second visit, the amazing blue green waters of Havasu Canyon on the Havasupai Tribe reservation may be one of the most beautiful and challenging experiences in my lifetime. 

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